What is Vertical Farming?

Hopefully by now you have caught on to the fact that Dream Greens come from a new kind of farm: a vertical farm to be exact. But seriously, what is a vertical farm?

Architects and technologists have been imagining versions of a vertical farm for decades, with fantastical images of skyscrapers covered in greenery. In reality, vertical farming means growing food in multiple levels stacked one on top of another.

This is vertical farming:

Vertical Farm - AeroFarms

This is what one of our vertical farms looks like!

And so is this:

12 Levels of Growing - AeroFarms

Top-down view of 12 Levels of growing beds at our farm, AeroFarms.

So why grow this way? There are so many reasons. Growing indoors allows for exponentially greater control over the environment and how the plants grow, which means safe food and better taste. Plus, one warehouse growing greens this way is 130 times more productive than a piece of land the same size. Since water is delivered directly to the roots in a mist, we can use 95 percent less water. The check marks in the pro column just go on and on.

If you want to learn more about how Dream Greens are grown, check out The Way We Grow.

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And if you want to see a really cool gif  . . . we have you covered.

Growing with LED Lights - AeroFarms