the way we grow

Dream Greens grow in an indoor paradise… for happy, healthy plants! These little leaves get exactly what they need, when they need it, keeping cozy in customized growing towers. Growing indoors in this unique way is delicious and, most importantly, extremely safe.

Dream Greens grow indoors for great flavor and a new standard of food safety.


Fans carry fresh air, which allows our little plants to grow healthy and strong, with perfect texture.


Instead of sun, we give our plants special recipes of LED lights, helping them grow tall and full of flavor.


A mist of essential nutrients provides the plants with optimal nutrition while using 95% less water than field farming.

no soil?

No soil means that Dream Greens are clean and pristine. Nothing to wash off and ready to eat and enjoy!

… the wonders of vertical farming …


We are bringing the farm to you, growing fresh, local food in cities all year round.

Dream Greens grow in towers stacked from floor to ceiling – as far as the eye can see. Imagine if we transformed every abandoned building into productive farms full of delicious, nutritious leafy greens – that’s a dream we are making a reality!

Dream Greens grow indoors, using unique vertical farming techniques

Growing up

When you stack growing trays up high, the same piece of land becomes 390 times more productive!

Old is new

There’s pretty much no building we can’t transform into a farm, bringing a whole lot of green to communities and grocery stores in places that need it most.

Locally Grown

We grow greens in the city, bringing new life to old buildings. Urban growing means fewer miles traveled, less carbon emissions, better nutrition, and fresher taste.

Pesticide Free

We champion ways of growing that minimize and eliminate the use of pesticides commonly used in farming. Our greens are clean and ready to eat, so there's no washing necessary.

Amazing Flavor

We cultivate the most flavorful varieties of each green we grow and then elevate them by using special recipes of light, nutrients and a lot of love!

95% Less Water

Water is our most precious resource, so we grow using 95% less water than in the field. No runoff and no excessive water use means a healthier planet for all.

Safe and Transparent

Our mission is to connect our local farms to your fork. Every bite can be traced back to the exact square foot where it was grown, setting a new standard for food safety.


We source seeds from trusted partners and carefully manage them from seed to store, so you can be sure that nothing under our roof is genetically modified.


We support our communities in any way we can. We hire locally, pay fair wages, and work with schools to connect kids to what’s on their plate.

Less Food Waste

Over 50% of produce in the USA goes to waste. Not these local greens! Ours are tended with tons of care, so you can enjoy fresher, more flavorful baby greens even longer.