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Microgreens: Your New Fridge Favorite!

There’s a new fridge favorite in town – and we’re here to tell you all the reasons why! Keep a container (or two or three!) of Dream Greens microgreens in your fridge to instantly add big flavor, a pop of color & immunity-boosting nutrients to every dish. Whether you’re prepping a quick & healthy salad or spicing up your take-out, stock up on our locally grown, pesticide-free Micro Super Mix and Micro Spicy Mix & keep your fridge and belly happy!

pesticide-free Dream Greens package
A Safer, More Delicious Salad with Dream Greens

Most salad greens in America come from the Salinas Valley in California, Yuma, Arizona, or Mexico. By the time the salad greens get to our bowls, they will have traveled thousands of miles and passed many hands and touchpoints including multiple storage and distribution facilities, processors and trucks, making it very difficult to trace where […]

Introducing Dream Greens Microgreens!

We are so excited to announce that we’ve officially added Microgreens to the Dream Greens family! Introducing Micro Super Mix & Micro Spicy Mix, the perfect additions to EVERY MEAL! Now available to the NYC Metropolitan Area via FreshDirect! Our locally grown microgreens are tinier greens with even BIGGER flavor, perfect to top your morning omelet, add […]