Dream Team

Michael Barron, Dream Greens Plant Scientist, Data Nerd
Meet the dream team: Data nerd Michael Barron

Michael is our Research and Development Lead and our resident celebrity. When he’s not making the Forbes 30 under 30 List, Michael uses his deep knowledge of plant science to develop the recipes of light and nutrients that make Dream Greens crunchy and bursting with flavor. ¬†Since we grow in a totally new and unique […]

Meet the dream team: Food safety guru Deb Kane
Meet the Dream Team: Food Safety Guru Deb Kane

Deb is our Food Safety Guru and she is not messing around. It’s her job (officially Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance), along with her team, to make sure that every leaf that leaves our farms is safe to eat. Since we grow in a totally new and unique way, there is no roadmap […]