Stay At Home Salad Tips for National Salad Month

As we stay inside, we’re sharing tips for National Salad Month to make fun, inventive and nourishing salads from the comfort of our own homes. Checkout the tips below from recaps from a few of our #SaladChats guests and tune in Fridays at noon on IG Live to hear from health, wellness and nutrition experts!

Tip 1: Play “Chopped” At Home With Repurposed Leftovers

Meal Prep Chef founder, Alyssa Gagarin (@alyssagagarin) shares an idea to keep salads and meals fun! She suggests looking in your pantry to see what you have “in stock” and taking an inventory of leftovers in the fridge to repurpose both in inventive ways. Turn last night’s pasta into a pasta salad by adding greens. Another fun idea from Alyssa? Her go-to panty staple suggestion is Coconut milk for easy curries.

Tip 2: Make Salad Dressing To Last

Remy Park of @veggiekins tells us her tip for great stay-at-home salads — when making salad dressing, make a larger portion that can be tossed on top of nourishing salads and yummy bowls throughout the next few days. This helps decrease prep time when you’re ready to eat. Our go-to salad dressing from @veggiekins is her delicious Vegan Kale Cesar Salad Dressing! @Veggiekins favorite Dream Greens variety? Our Micro Super Mix for an extra pop of flavor, nutrition and beauty.

Tip 3: Local = Flavorful

@FarmerNick loves Dream Greens Spicy Mix for that extra “pop” of spice credits locally-grown greens for being packed with flavor. In addition to locally-grown greens being better for our planet because of decreased transportation emissions, greens that are grown closer to our communities are also deliciously fresh and flavorful — perfect for salad bases. Learn more about Farmer Nick’s latest projects here.

Tip 4: Mix It Up with Microgreens

We could write an entire book on the reasons why microgreens are great in any dish (high nutritional density, unique vitamins and minerals profile that is not seen in more mature greens, pop of color that elevates any dish, etc) – one aspect that makes microgreens the perfect addition to salad bases is that these tiny greens fit on your fork, with no chopping needed. Dream Greens Micro Super Mix and Micro Spicy Mix make for a quick, easy salad base as there’s no cutting and no washing needed.

Tip 5: Tasty Salads Start With Tasty Greens

Dream Greens baby greens and microgreens are packed with BIG flavor, like our bright & crisp Baby Watercress & bold & peppery Micro Spicy Mix. In fact, they are so flavorful, some people eat Dream Greens salads with no dressing at all because the greens are just that flavorful. Check out our Recipes page for all of your salad inspo and tag us in your National Salad Month creations!  

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