Only a few days left of ? Celebrate with this flavorful lunch spread @warmandrosy) ・・・ ✨ Happy Friday! ✨ This is my end of the week clearing-out-the-fridge lunch with poached wild salmon + spiced roasted carrot + peach + sprouted quinoa, brown rice and millet + pesto + hummus + grass-fed burrata + watercress w/ roasted shallot vinaigrette and hemp seeds — composed entirely of leftovers ? _______________________________________ Lunch is usually a thrown-together affair for us, relying on a variety of nutrient-dense pre-prepped ingredients — think pesto, hummus, salad dressing, roasted veggies, soft-boiled eggs and grains prepared in large batches. We combine these components in countless variations that never get old and allow for creativity. This mix and match approach to eating works for our busy household, especially with a toddler in the mix. Having these ingredients on-hand means a healthy, toddler-friendly meal is always within reach in under 5 minutes. And no, it doesn’t always look this pretty and Insta-ready