Microgreens: Your New Fridge Favorite!

There’s a new fridge favorite in town – and we’re here to tell you all the reasons why! Keep a container (or two or three!) of Dream Greens microgreens in your fridge to instantly add big flavor, a pop of color & immunity-boosting nutrients to every dish. Whether you’re prepping a quick & healthy salad or spicing up your take-out, stock up on our locally grown, pesticide-free Micro Super Mix and Micro Spicy Mix & keep your fridge and belly happy! 

  1. Perfect base for any salad – One container of Dream Greens Micros is a delicious, perfectly petite base for a personal salad – simply open a container, add 2-3 of your favorite ingredients and voila! Our micros are pesticide free, clean and ready to eat right out of the container – so no washing needed! 
  2. Immunity-boosting nutrition – Our microgreens are packed with immunity-boosting nutrients including Vitamin C, A and E.  Because they are younger than their mature counterparts, they pack up to 250X the nutrient density than their mature counterparts.  For example, the red cabbage microgreens found in our Micro Super Mix has up to 260X the Vitamin E of adult red cabbage. 
  3. Pop of flavor, color and crunch – Top any dish with a big handful of micros to add culinary flair. Want some extra crunch on your takeout – add Micro Super Mix.  Want a pop of spice on your sushi – add Micro Spicy Mix! Have a bunch of leftovers to finish off? Add micros! The possibilities are truly endless! 
  4. Make every meal feel special – Microgreens add a little pizzazz to every home-cooked meal – beautify with micros as a base, a heaping handful or a small sprinkle – it’ll be picture perfect every time. 
  5. Locally grown all year round – Dream Greens micros are locally grown indoors in New Jersey, so they are super fresh and flavorful all year round, no matter the season.  

Dream Greens Microgreens available at Whole Foods Market, FreshDirect & AmazonFresh across the northeast!