Meet Our Baby Kale

Have you noticed that our Dream Greens baby kale does not look a whole lot like any other kale in the produce section? There is a reason for that.

It starts with the seed. We grow a smoother leaf variety than the super curly versions you might be used to. Farmers have traditionally expected this kind of kale to be sweetest after the first frost of the the season, but the folks at AeroFarms have figured out how to get that sweetness that used to be luck, every harvest.

By controlling the nutrition, light, water and stress (think of it as exercise for baby greens), they grow baby kale that is sweet and snappy, never bitter or tough. FInd out more about how all this works here.

Even if you think you are just not a kale fan, give it a try and let us know what you think! It would not be the first time we have converted people who had written kale off for good.

We cannot think of a recipe where this sweet, tender green will not belong. But in case you need ideas, we have got you covered.

Baby Kale for breakfast? Try our Apple & Kale All-the-Time Smoothie.




Kale for lunch? Throw together this Sweet Baby Kale Caesar.




Kale for dinner? Whip up this Kale Pesto Pasta.