Meet the Dream Team: Food Safety Guru Deb Kane

Deb is our Food Safety Guru and she is not messing around. It’s her job (officially Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance), along with her team, to make sure that every leaf that leaves our farms is safe to eat. Since we grow in a totally new and unique way, there is no roadmap for this, so Deb has used her years of experience at Campbells Soup to help her create new protocols and standards. It is because of our unique, fully-controlled, soilless growing method – and her passion for perfection – that Dream Greens are the safest greens on the shelf.

More from Deb:

I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family and friends.

My favorite meal is anything prepared with our baby leafy greens.

My dream is to deliver safe and nutritious food to our customers.

I am excited to work with AeroFarms because it provides me with an opportunity to implement food safety programs to keep our products safe!

My favorite Dream Green is Ruby Streaks!