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About Our Greens

Are Dream Greens Organic?

Not yet! The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the government body that oversees organic certifications, has been inconsistent in its evaluation of soilless methods of farming. We meet all criteria for organic certification. In fact, we go further by being more land and water efficient, and by using methods that do not contribute to any kind of dangerous run off.

What is the best way to store Dream Greens?

Please store Dream Greens in your refrigerator in the package they are sold in with the peel-and-reseal film firmly sealed.

Who grows Dream Greens?

Dream Greens are grown by the sustainable indoor agriculture company, AeroFarms. Learn more here.

Where do Dream Greens grow?

Dream Greens are grown on multiple urban, indoor vertical farms in New Jersey. These farms are owned and operated by the sustainable agriculture company AeroFarms.

how we grow our greens

Are Dream Greens genetically modified?

Nope! Dream Greens are grown from 100% non-GMO seeds.

What is vertical farming?

Vertical Farming refers to farming in many levels stacked vertically to maximize the amount of produce that can be grown in one area. Learn more at

Don’t plants need sun?

In fact, no. Plants don’t need sun, they need particular combinations of the sunlight’s spectrum – certain frequencies of light. By providing just the frequencies they need, using LED lights, the plant grows more efficiently. We also use spectrum to adjust aspects like color, flavor, and texture.

Don’t plants need soil?

They don’t actually. Plants need water and nutrients – which are traditionally stored and provided by soil. As commercial agriculture has strained to produce enough food for our growing population, the soil has become taxed to the point of becoming toxic in some cases. We use a post-consumer recycled, reusable cloth to hold the greens and separate the leaves from the roots. Then we create a mist environment consisting of water and nutrients – misting exactly what the plants need when they need it. Then we filter and recirculate the water and nutrient solution. Our plants receive all the benefits of soil, with none of the risk.

Food Safety

How are Dream Greens safer than the average packaged salad?

Dream Greens grow indoors in a completely controlled environment. They are tended and harvested with care by carefully trained Dream Team members who wear clean gear including hairnets and gloves, setting a new level of safety, trust and transparency.

Do I need to wash Dream Greens?

Our greens are ready to eat, so no washing is necessary.  Our greens are carefully handled by trained Dream Team members with clean gear like hairnets and gloves in a temperature controlled indoor farm.  No washing means better taste, quality and convenience for you!

The Dream Team

How do I join the Dream Team?

We post all available positions on the website of our grower AeroFarms. 

What more can I do to support this new way of growing?

Great question! You can spread the word on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. You can buy our greens at these retailers, and you can tell your local grocer to get in touch and stock our products!

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