How to Enjoy Dream Greens at Every Meal!  

Leafy Greens deserve to be much more than a boring side salad, or soggy leaves hidden under your burger bun. Greens deserve to be the delicious, nutrient-packed star of your meal.  And not just the occasional sacrificial salad bowl, all meals.  Here are 4 delectable, creative ways to thoroughly enjoy baby greens at every meal.  Green things up. We dare you!


Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl

Start your day off with a bowl of green goodness!  Thick and delicious, this vegan bowl is packed with fiber and nutrients like Vitamin C and Potassium from fresh fruit and Dream Greens baby kale, giving you a powerful pop of energy before you head to the office.  Top with nuts and seeds for some healthy fats and protein, or with fruit and granola of your choice.



Superfood Stirfry

This sweet and savory tofu salad bowl is definitely not a sad desk lunch.  Crispy tofu on a bed of tender baby Dream Greens topped with crunchy almonds, fresh carrots, and sweet citrus, drizzled with a sweet sesame dressing. This salad just hits every single spot.  To top it off, it is full of plant-powered protein from edamame and tofu to keep you full and focused without the post-lunch hangover.



Fresh & Spicy Watercress Salsa

Skip your 3 PM coffee for this tangy snack!  Cress salsa has the perfect amount of spice and pizzazz to refresh and revive you in the middle of the day.  Dip whole grain tortilla chips or fresh veggies for crunch and fiber to keep you full and satisfied until dinnertime.



Dreamy Pesto Pasta

Wind down with friends and family with a plate of creamy pesto pasta.   Quick and easy, this recipe is a total crowd pleaser.  You can keep it vegetarian or throw in your favorite protein, like baked chicken or seared shrimp.  Who knew you can have your pasta and your greens too?



Just kidding.  Have a piece of dark chocolate or some ice cream.  You can throw in some kale if you want, but we will not force this one on you.