#DreamGreener With These 5 Sustainable Recipes

Did you know that you can eat your way to a healthier planet and a healthier you?  We’ve rounded up 5 delicious, balanced and earth-friendly dishes from our inspiring Instagram community so you can celebrate #EarthDayEveryDay!

‘Clearing-out-the-fridge lunch’ featuring Dream Greens Baby Watercress by @ warmandrosy 

This is my end of the week clearing-out-the-fridge lunch with poached wild salmon + spiced roasted carrot + peach + sprouted quinoa, brown rice and millet + pesto + hummus + grass-fed burrata + watercress w/ roasted shallot vinaigrette and hemp seeds — composed entirely of leftovers

Why it helps us #DreamGreener: Up to 40% of all food is wasted, ending up in our landfills.  The biggest shocker is that a lot of that waste happens at the level of our plates.  We love how @warmandrosy took advantage of her leftovers to create a delicious and beautiful dish while fighting food waste.  Plus, everything tastes amazing with a handful of our bright, peppery watercress!  You go, girl!

‘Spring Green Soup’ featuring Dream Greens Baby Arugula by @ brittany_sparklekitchen

Throughout the year I crave fresh, crisp greens but often they wilt before I eat them. My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach. So I created this simple soup recipe to use up any droopy leaves. Almond milk is used in place of milk/cream to make it dairy-free.

Why it helps us # DreamGreener: Including more plant-based recipes in our diets is a big win for both our bodies and the planet, and this soup is a great example of that!  This dairy-free soup uses Dream Greens local baby arugula, which means the ingredients are more fresh and flavorful, decreasing the likelihood that they will be wasted. We love the fact that this soup is blended, so any blemished but perfectly delicious produce can still be utilized.

Arugula Pesto Pasta With Chickpeas featuring Dream Greens Baby Arugula by @ the.hawkes

So many greens leftover after yesterday’s shoot, so everything I ate today looked like 🌱

Why it helps us # DreamGreener: Not only does @the.hawkes use leftover local baby Dream Greens for this green pesto pasta, cutting her personal food waste, this complete meal is totally plant-based!  Swapping out animal protein for plant proteins is an easy and healthy way to increase our intake of lean protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals while decreasing our carbon footprint.

Veggie Brown Rice Bowl featuring Dream Greens Baby Kale by @ thisisgrounded

Full of veggies, greens, jammy egg + tofu, this bowl tastes as good as it is good for you. 

Why it helps us # DreamGreener: This veggie-rich bowl rivals any takeout option, but is made totally from scratch.  In addition to being rich in fiber from whole grain brown rice and veggies like Dream Greens local Baby Kale and broccoli, it features eggs, which is one of the least impactful of animal proteins.  Compared to white or red meat, nutrient-rich eggs have a significantly lower carbon footprint, especially if they are from free-range, humanely-treated chickens.

‘Green Protein Veggie Burger’ featuring Dream Greens Super Greens by @ thealinafeed 

This veggie burger does not come from the freezer section.  Combine plant proteins from chickpeas, bright greens, and whole grains together for a vegan-friendly burger that will fill up even the hungriest carnivore. Top it with Spicy Watercress Guacamole if you’re feeling crazy.

Why it helps us # DreamGreener: This hearty greens burger is has no meat whatsoever, but will leave you feeling full and satisfied.  Instead of animal protein, it includes chickpeas and quinoa, providing a complete profile of amino acids needed to build muscle, but without the saturated fat and sodium typically found in a beef patty.   And swapping out beef burgers for veggie burgers is better for the planet too: meat products have larger carbon footprints per calorie than grain or vegetable products.