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AeroFarms Named One of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019!
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AeroFarms Named to Fast Company’s 2019 Most Innovative Companies
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A Farm Grows in the City

The Wall Street Journal covers the revolutionary way Dream Greens are grown.

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Vertical Farms Are Green—and Growing

NJ Monthly writes about the amazing, sustainable, vertical farm that grows Dream Greens.

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Dream Greens on “Jersey Matters”!

Watch Dream Greens and our sustainable grower AeroFarms on this episode of local news magazine “Jersey Matters”.

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How AeroFarms vertical farms grow produce

Companies like Aerofarms are rethinking how we grow vegetables by going up to provided fresh and affordable produce. Michelle Miller reports.

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WholeFoods Opens with Newark Connections

Whole Foods opens and showcases their commitment to Newark with employment, grants and supporting local entrepreneurs.

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The Vertical Farm: Growing crops in the city, without soil or natural light by Ian Frazier
The Vertical Farm: Growing crops in the city, without soil or natural light

The New Yorker’s Ian Frazier spent months getting to know the AeroFarms team and visiting the farms and customers. His impressions are thoughtful and incisive.

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Food & Wine, AeroFarms in the news: How to grow crops without sun or soil by Gillie Houston
How to Grow Crops Without Sun or Soil

When you think farm, you probably don’t imagine a very large building in Newark, New Jersey. But AeroFarms, might be about to change that.

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NY Times, AeroFarms in the News: how does this garden grow? to the ceiling by Tammy La Gorce
How Does This Garden Grow? To the Ceiling

By the time the biggest Newark farm is fully up and running, AeroFarms will have introduced 78 jobs to the city.

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Grub Street, AeroFarms in the news: This eco-friendly vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and no soil by Sierra Tishgart
This Eco-Friendly Vertical Farm Uses 95 Percent Less Water and No Soil

Urban indoor farming has gained serious traction in America this year, thanks to AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey.

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The Huffington Post, AeroFarms in the news: Inside the high-tech farm growing kale in an old paintball arena by Alexander C. Kaufman
Inside The High-Tech Farm Growing Kale In An Old Paintball Arena

AeroFarms purports to use 95 percent less water than traditional farms, and says it gets 75 percent more crops per square foot of growing space than traditional field systems. To achieve that, the company has had to think of itself as a technology company as much as a farming firm.

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Modern Farmer, AeroFarms in the News: Say hello to the (soon to be) world’s largest indoor vertical farm by Dan Nosowitz
Say Hello To The (Soon To Be) World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

Some 15 miles from Manhattan, monster investors are setting up what will be one of the most impressive indoor urban farming units in history. It’s called AeroFarms.