Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day at Dream Greens

Dream Greens are locally grown all year round by the innovative, passionate people at AeroFarms, a mission-driven indoor vertical farming company committed to making our planet a greener, healthier place for all. You may be wondering why we choose to grow indoors using vertical farming technology in the first place, and what the differences are between the way we grow and the way other farms produce food.

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world today. Yet, agriculture’s overwhelmingly positive impact on humanity also comes at a cost that is not captured in the price we pay at the register. Overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, degradation of healthy soil, transporting water great distances to farms, shipping produce thousands of miles across the country where it often spoils before being eaten — these are all just some of the hidden environmental costs that are made worse as we approach a global population of up to 9.5 billion by 2050.

If we want to live on a healthy and thriving planet, we need to rethink how we grow and transport food and drastically lower food’s environmental footprint. With climate change making its mark, field farmers around the world are also facing challenges including extreme weather events, pest outbreaks, soil contamination, water scarcity and the spread of pathogens that can cause havoc for their businesses and add risk to our food supply-chain.The bottom line is that our food choices matter: everything we eat has an impact on our health and the health of the planet. The great news is that choosing Dream Greens by AeroFarms is a powerful way to take #climateaction and contribute to a healthier world for all. 

Below are 5 ways we are making a big impact on our planet every single day:


70% of our water supply goes to agriculture. 70% of water contamination comes from agriculture. Current events, future predictions, and common sense tell us we cannot continue on this path. At AeroFarms, we use 95% less water than field farming and has developed a closed loop water circulation system that recirculates water to our plants. Imagine the impact if even 10% of our produce was grown this way.


In the field, overuse of pesticides has decreased the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and allowed bad ones to proliferate. Our soil is no longer healthy enough to filter out pesticides and render them inert, leading to toxicity and runoff. Runoff leads to algal blooms and oceanic dead zones. By growing indoors, we avoid these issues altogether.


Close to ⅓ of the world’s land is now highly degraded, with soil erosion, water degradation and biodiversity loss. Arable land is a precious resource and as soil health depletes, so does the nutrition of our food. At AeroFarms, we are able to use less than 1% of the land required by conventional growing. That means we are over 390 times more productive per square foot vs. traditional agriculture, while also ensuring that our plants get all of the macro and micro nutrients they need all year round.

Circular Economy

We believe in doing more with less and embody cradle-to-cradle thinking into every area of our business.  For example, our patented growing cloth medium is made of 100% recycled BPA-free water bottles that we reuse for years of growing cycles vs. traditional hydroponic growing mediums like mineral wool, which are energy intensive to make and usually thrown away often after a single use. AeroFarms was the first and only agriculture company to date to be honored by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as one of the Circular Economy 100, a select group of global companies focused on eliminating waste and improving our positive impact on the environment and sustainability. 

Carbon Emissions

What we think of as farming has changed a lot.  From drilling for water, pumping from deeper reserves than ever before, operating tractors, tillers, and harvesters, to washing three times in large scale processing facilities that operate 24/7, traditional commercial farming is quite energy intensive. Plus, 95% percent of America’s salad greens are grown in either Salinas, California or Yuma, Arizona – traveling thousands of miles to get to your plate.

Our dream is to be healthy people living on a healthy, thriving planet. Thank you for choosing Dream Greens, and let’s continue celebrating Earth Day everyday, making choices that will help our planet for generations to come!