Dreamy Salads we Love!

May is National Salad Month, so we are celebrating the best way we know how – with tons of fresh, local Dream Greens all day, every day.  You can use your favorite Dream Greens as a flavor-rich base for your salad recipe, or just enjoy them straight out of the container as an energizing, refreshing snack — there’s no wrong way to eat your […]

#DreamGreener With These 5 Sustainable Recipes

Did you know that you can eat your way to a healthier planet and a healthier you?  We’ve rounded up 5 delicious, balanced and earth-friendly dishes from our inspiring Instagram community so you can celebrate #EarthDayEveryDay! ‘Clearing-out-the-fridge lunch’ featuring Dream Greens Baby Watercress by @ warmandrosy  This is my end of the week clearing-out-the-fridge lunch with poached […]

#GreensAreLove Cocoa Cherry Smoothie

Put a green spin on the classic Chocolate Covered Cherries this Valentine’s Day, with our Baby Kale packed Cocoa Cherry Smoothies! Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, this nourishing chocolatey treat has everything you need to spread the love – RECIPE 2/3 cup frozen cherries 2/3 cup Dream Greens baby Kale 1/3 cup Love […]

Celebrate with 10 Healthy Greens Swaps

by Kathleen Villarino As the jolly holiday season swings into full gear, the last thing on our minds is healthy eating.  Luckily, with some simple swaps to your favorite holiday party dishes, you can still stay balanced without having to give it much thought.  We’ve selected 10 easy Dream Greens swaps to keep you feeling […]

5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy Greens This Holiday Season

By Jessica Serdikoff, RDN CPT I won’t lie, as a dietitian and holistically trained chef, the concept of hiding vegetables…kind of makes me cringe. I could shout my love for vegetables from the rooftops of Brookdale ShopRite, where I work 40+ hours a week with the sole goal of inspiring my shoppers to fall in […]

Dietitian Jessica’s Sneaky Greens Brownies!

By Jessica Serdikoff, RDN CPT What if I told you that you can make a fudgy, rich brownie packed with fiber, protein, and…greens?! I’ve sampled these little wonders out to dozens of people, from veggie-skeptic customers at the supermarket to professionally trained chefs, and have yet to hear a negative remark. Sound too good to […]

4 Greens Recipes That Will Make You Sparkle

It’s easy to fall in love with eating your greens when the recipes look this beautiful and taste this amazing! We sat down with the talented Brittany Barton, gluten-free and dairy-free chef, cookbook author and brilliant mind behind Sparkle Kitchen, to talk greens recipes that make us sparkle! She dreamed up four unique and delicious […]

Quinoa Detox Salad Recipe - Dream Greens
Recipes with Superpowers!

Our baby Dream Greens are so much more than an ingredient for your next recipe–they are powerful bursts of nutrition.  The superpowers of Dream Greens are manifold: they heal, protect, nourish, comfort and help us perform at our peak. To end National Nutrition Month with a bang, we’ve curated some of our favorite greens-forward recipes […]