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Microgreens Holiday Cookbook

Click below to download our curated Microgreens Holiday Cookbook featuring delicious recipes from Dream Greens and friends! Tag us in your holiday microgreens creations at @lovedreamgreens. Purchase our locally grown Dream Greens Microgreens at:

Kale Bowl
Climate Action Starts In Your Salad Bowl

Food is one of the last topics we tend to consider when addressing climate change, yet it should be one of the first. As we kick off Climate Week NYC, we take a deep dive into the environmental and societal toll of our industrial food system, starting with the salad bowl.

Microgreens: Your New Fridge Favorite!

There’s a new fridge favorite in town – and we’re here to tell you all the reasons why! Keep a container (or two or three!) of Dream Greens microgreens in your fridge to instantly add big flavor, a pop of color & immunity-boosting nutrients to every dish. Whether you’re prepping a quick & healthy salad or spicing up your take-out, stock up on our locally grown, pesticide-free Micro Super Mix and Micro Spicy Mix & keep your fridge and belly happy!

pesticide-free Dream Greens package
A Safer, More Delicious Salad with Dream Greens

Most salad greens in America come from the Salinas Valley in California, Yuma, Arizona, or Mexico. By the time the salad greens get to our bowls, they will have traveled thousands of miles and passed many hands and touchpoints including multiple storage and distribution facilities, processors and trucks, making it very difficult to trace where […]

greens salad
4 Nutrients in Greens You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most of us know that leafy green vegetables like our Dream Greens baby salad greens and microgreens are nutritional powerhouses, chock full of nutrients that are important for keeping us healthy. You may already be familiar with Vitamins C & A (beta carotene), two essential nutrients found in high amounts in dark leafy greens, and also commonly seen on the nutrition panel of packaged foods. However, there are potentially thousands of health-enhancing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in leafy greens that are just as vital for our well-being.

kale brownie
5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy Greens

So here you have it: a few of this registered dietitian’s favorite things just in time for the holidays, inspired by my days as a kid with stubborn taste buds (it’s true), but with a health-supportive green twist.

pesticide-free Dream Greens microgreens
Why is Pesticide Free important?

Dream Greens are carefully grown indoors in a safe environment, so all of our delicious Dream Greens varieties are always pesticide free. Since there’s nothing to wash off or rinse, they are ready to enjoy straight out of the container. Pesticide-Free means it’s better for you & better for the planet (something we’re proud of as […]

AeroFarms Named One of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019!

TIME revealed its annual list of the 100 Best Inventions that are making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun, among which is our sustainable indoor farm AeroFarms! We’re so proud of our Dream Team of AeroFarmers for working hard every single day to grow local, safe, delicious food for our communities. […]

AeroFarms Named to Fast Company’s 2019 Most Innovative Companies

We are thrilled to share that we have been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World in the Data Science category! We are honored to have been selected for the second year in a row and proud to be recognized among a group of trailblazing companies working to change the world for the […]

The Huffington Post, AeroFarms in the news: Inside the high-tech farm growing kale in an old paintball arena by Alexander C. Kaufman
Inside The High-Tech Farm Growing Kale In An Old Paintball Arena

AeroFarms purports to use 95 percent less water than traditional farms, and says it gets 75 percent more crops per square foot of growing space than traditional field systems. To achieve that, the company has had to think of itself as a technology company as much as a farming firm.