A Safer, More Delicious Salad with Dream Greens

Most salad greens in America come from the Salinas Valley in California, Yuma, Arizona, or Mexico. By the time the salad greens get to our bowls, they will have traveled thousands of miles and passed many hands and touchpoints including multiple storage and distribution facilities, processors and trucks, making it very difficult to trace where exactly they came from and how they were handled along the way.  Not only does this result in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and a huge amount of food waste in the process, the current leafy greens supply chain leaves a lot of room for possible contamination with harmful pathogens that cause foodborne illness, and results in many of the recalls you may have heard about for romaine lettuce, spinach and more.   

At Dream Greens, we believe that our food should be safe and healthy for our bodies and our planet. That’s why we designed our indoor farm AeroFarms to grow food in a way that sets a new standard for traceability & food safety in agriculture overall. Our robust food safety program & technology-enabled process means that every bite can be traced back to the exact square foot where it was grown in an unprecedented way.  Below are some of the top reasons Dream Greens make a safer salad: 

  • We use patented aeroponic technology to mist the roots of leafy greens with water and nutrients in a fully-controlled environment. Our proprietary technology at AeroFarms is an indoor, closed loop system, recycling water and nutrients with virtually zero waste. That means no soil contamination, no toxic runoff, and no well contamination in the surrounding area.  
  • Dream Greens are tended and harvested with care by carefully trained Dream Team members who wear clean gear including hairnets and gloves, setting a new level of safety, trust and transparency. 
  • We have a dedicated food safety team and thousands of documented standard operating procedures to ensure that our leafy greens are handled with the utmost care from seed to package. 
  • Our greens are 100% pesticide free and never triple washed, so they are ready to eat straight out of the container, no washing needed! No washing means better taste, quality and convenience for you! 
  • All our greens are locally grown all year round so our customers can be sure that their greens are fresh and safe in every season.  
  • Our leafy greens and microgreens harvested and packaged within 24 hours to make sure they travel from our farm to your shelf as quickly as possible for maximum flavor, freshness and nutrition.   

For more information about how we’re taking even stricter precautions due to COVID-19, please refer to our website: https://www.dreamgreens.com/dream-green-by-aerofarms-update-safety-and-policies-around-covid-19/