Beyond Salad: Why Dream Greens are Better for Us and the Planet

Dream Greens are locally grown all year round by the innovative, passionate people at AeroFarms, a mission-driven indoor vertical farming company committed to making our planet a greener, healthier place for all. You may be wondering why we choose to grow indoors using vertical farming technology in the first place, and what the differences are between the way we grow and the way other farms produce food.

First, some background…

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world today. Yet, agriculture’s overwhelmingly positive impact on humanity also comes at a cost that is not captured in the price we pay at the register. Overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, degradation of healthy soil, transporting water great distances to farms, shipping produce thousands of miles across the country where it often spoils before being eaten — these are all just some of the hidden environmental costs that are made worse as we approach a global population of up to 9.5 billion by 2050.

If we want to live on a healthy and thriving planet, we need to rethink how we grow and transport food and drastically lower food’s environmental footprint. With climate change making its mark, field farmers around the world are also facing challenges including extreme weather events, pest outbreaks, soil contamination, water scarcity and the spread of pathogens that can cause havoc for their businesses and add risk to our food supply-chain.

Why Dream Greens?

At AeroFarms, our philosophy is to do more with less precious resources. With Planet Earth in mind, we can grow with 95% less water and as much as 390 times more productivity per square foot, so we can grow anywhere, all year round, regardless of season and weather. Instead of changing seeds to match the environment, we modify the environment to match the seed. The unique way we grow gives us the ability to perfect taste, texture, quality and even nutritional density. Here are some of the ways we celebrate #EarthDay every day:

  • Local Growing All Year Round – We grow greens in the city, bringing new life to old buildings. Urban growing means fewer miles traveled, less carbon emissions, better nutrition, and fresher taste.
  • Amazing Flavor – We cultivate the most flavorful varieties of each green we grow and then elevate them by using special recipes of light, nutrients and a lot of love!
  • Pesticide Free – We champion ways of growing that minimize & eliminate the use of pesticides commonly used in farming. Our greens are clean & ready to eat, so there’s no washing necessary.
  • 95% Less Water – Water is our most precious resource, so we grow using 95% less water than in the field. No runoff and no excessive water use means a healthier planet for all.
  • Doing More with Less – The unique way we grow results in 390X more productivity per square foot compared to field farming, using a fraction of the fertilizer, no harmful pesticides and 95% less water.
  • Safe and Fully Transparent – Our mission is to connect our local farms to your fork. Every bite can be traced back to the exact square foot where it was grown, setting a new standard for food safety.
  • Community-Focused – We support the communities in which we grow in every way we can. We hire locally, pay fair wages, and work with schools to connect kids to what’s on their plate
  • Reduce and Eliminate Food Waste – Over 50% of produce in the USA goes to waste. Not these local greens! Ours are tended with tons of care, so you can enjoy fresher, more flavorful baby greens even longer.