Celebrate with 10 Healthy Greens Swaps

by Kathleen Villarino

As the jolly holiday season swings into full gear, the last thing on our minds is healthy eating.  Luckily, with some simple swaps to your favorite holiday party dishes, you can still stay balanced without having to give it much thought.  We’ve selected 10 easy Dream Greens swaps to keep you feeling merry and nourished this holiday season.

watercress salsa instead of spinach and artichoke dip

Spinach and artichokes may sound healthy, but the cream base can pack on a lot of extra calories and sodium. One order of a typical spinach and artichoke dip  contains 950 calories and a whopping 3,990 mg of sodium.  Instead, make a fun, bright salsa using Dream Greens watercress to share with all your guests!

Recipe inspiration: fresh spicy watercress salsa

sautéed greens instead of creamed spinach

For a nutritious side dish, why not try some lightly-sautéed arugula, kale, or Dream Greens Super Greens?  Not only is it easy to make, but it is also packed with Vitamins A, C, K, & Fiber. Creamed spinach tends to be prepared with butter, milk, or cream cheese, which can add a significant amount of excess calories and saturated fat.

Recipe inspiration: superfood stir fry

kale pesto instead of heavy cream sauces

Instead of creamy sauces, try our heart-healthy kale pesto.  Our Kale Pesto is extremely versatile, and can be used on pasta, as a spread on breads, garnish for vegetables, or to top fish or poultry.

Recipe inspiration: kale pesto

watercress soup instead of broccoli and cheddar soup

For a light nutritious soup, try our Chilled Baby Watercress Soup.  Dream Greens watercress has a hint of sweetness while packing a good amount of spice.  Watercress is high in Vitamin C and is also rich in Vitamins A & K.  Plus, the festive green color makes this soup tons of fun to eat! Dream Greens Instagram follower @carlsbad7 used our watercress to make a Watercress Asparagus Gazpacho!

Recipe Inspiration:  chilled baby watercress soup

watercress tzatziki dip instead of ranch dip

Even though one serving (2 tablespoons) of a typical ranch dip is moderate in calories (approximately 65 calories), it’s easy to go overboard, and calories quickly add up! Our light, tangy tzatziki dip recipe is made with watercress and Greek yogurt which makes it a healthy & delicious alternative.

Recipe inspiration:  cool watercress tzatziki sauce

a tasty green smoothie instead of toffee pudding

This indulgent  acai-blueberry-cacao-almond butter smoothie recipe by our Instagram follower @thisisgrounded combines fresh fruit, greens and cacao. This sweet and balanced treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering a boost of produce, healthy fats and superfoods.  If you don’t mind a cool treat in the cold months, freeze your smoothie in ice pop molds for a healthy alternative to ice cream!

a kale pesto pasta instead of macaroni and cheese

Not only is this pesto pasta easy to make, you can make a big batch of pesto and use it for other dishes! Our whole wheat kale pesto contains olive oil and walnuts which contain healthy fats, so it will help keep you satisfied and nourished.

roasted potatoes instead of potato salad

A cup of homemade  potato salad made with mayonnaise and eggs can tend to be heavy on calories and low in micro-nutrients.

Try roasting potatoes with the skins on, and topping them with our delicious  Kale chimichurri sauce for an easy and healthy side dish the whole family will love.

greens flatbread instead of pizza

For a healthy and colorful twist on pizza, try our Fig & Greens flatbread.  This festive recipe contains our kale pesto and is topped with our Spicy Spring Mix.  This dish is perfect to serve to your guests as an appetizer!

our nutrient dense harvest salad instead of Caesar salad

Holidays mean bright lights, festive cheer, and good food.  Our Rainbow Harvest Salad with Quinoa and Feta Cheese is bright, delicious, and it will certainly make you feel good.  This dish is nut free, gluten free, and vegetarian so it’s a perfect dish to serve to guests with any special dietary needs.